- New 26cm body upgraded with New doll Joy

    Hi dears, now the new body is available on all of our 26cm line dolls, we wish you will having Fun with the New 26cm body :)


    The old body of 26cmline will not available anymore.


    Also a new doll "Joy" has releases with the new body she will join to our 6th Anniversary Event at Dec^^


    Now you can get 10% off discount by ordering two 26cmline dolls at once and getting a Free Nerine/Melodie head for any order which Over 500$.


    Please have fun and with you happy like our little Joy ^^

- MaskcatDoll  6th Anniversary Event(2019.11.30)

    Hi dears , It's time to celebrate our 6th Anniversary now :)


    Now the New 26cm body has releases and from today till 2020.01.01,we will give you a free Nerine or Melodie head for any order which over 500$(USD).


    Also with 10%off discount for two 26cmline dolls at once. Also the New Doll in Blackbunny "Juni" is available now :)


    Thanks so much for your love and we wish you have a wonderful 2020. ^^

- MaskcatDoll 57cm line Body 3.0 version and Skin color changed(2019.9.28)

    Hi dears , Now the 57cm line body of 3.0 version can be purchased from October.


    Also from now only two skin option of Normal(pink) and White(new white) available on all dolls and parts.


    Sooner we will try to add Tan skin option on our 42cm line and 57cm line dolls :)


    Thank you

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